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F.B.I Scams Ask for $300? How to Unlock PC from FBI Virus Without Paying the Fine?


Get an FBI screen with title YOUR PC IS BLOCKED DUE TO AT LEAST ONE OF THE REASONS SPECIFIED BELOW? Hearing a sound saying FBI Warning! Your Computer Is Blocked for Violation of Federal Law? How to get rid of FBI scam that fines $300? Check out the manual removal guide here!

FBI virus is a disaster for an infected system. You may feel shocked, thrilling, confused, scared, panic, frustrated and helpless if this nasty thing gets into your PC. FBI ransomware won’t be gone automatically even you have done the payment within 72 hours as request. All you need to do is to seek help to get it removed before more damage is brought.

There are many variants of FBI threat, such as FBI online agent, FBI Green dot Moneypak virus, child porn FBI Moneypak virus, FBI piracy and the latest one asks for $300 with a sound saying FBI Warning! Your Computer Is Blocked for Violation of Federal Law, which is the one that we will analysis in this post. Screenlocker ransomware is no doubt the easiest way to scare people to pay, which explains why hackers are so wild about creating new variants with more stubborn characters. The Voice version FBI is more difficult to handle. The entire screen is locked and you will hear this sound: FBI Warning! Your Computer Is Blocked for Violation of Federal Law. Every time you start the PC, this malware pops up in seconds and you don’t even have the chance to check Start menu or Task Manager. That is because FBI can bypass or take down security removal tools and configure its automatic running by modifying registries. The infections are released randomly and system files could be damaged or deleted. What is more, many users complaint that Internet connection is off even in safe mode with networking. And more malwares and viruses will be installed to the compromised system via vulnerabilities exploited. Therefore, you have to remove all its related infections manually to get rid of it once and for all.

FBI Ransomware Is A Threat to System Security

1. It downloads and installs rogue software without your permission.
2. It disables executable applications and antivirus on your computer.
3. It locks your desktop screen and gives fake warnings to mislead you to pay for it.
4. It blocks opening legitimate websites but its purchase page.
5. It causes your computer slowing down and even crashing from time to time.

FBI Ransomware Screenshot:

FBI ask for $300

FBI Ransomware Manual Removal Instructions:

To manually remove FBI virus you need to end processes, unregister DLL files, search and delete all other associated files and registry entries. Follow the  removal guide below to start.

Attention: the infected files and registries post here are just random sample, which means you may not be able to find the following files exactly the same as those in your PC. Anyway, if you have any difficulties, please contact Tee Support agents 24/7 online for help.

Step1, start the PC in safe mode with networking. If the computer is still locked, please try safe mode with command prompt.

Step 2, type MSCONFIG to the run box from Start menu. Then the System Configuration Utility window will open, disable startup options and restart the PC back to normal mode.

Step 3, remove all random processes and files.


Step 4: Remove registry entries that fbi has created to your system registry editor:(Note: Back up the Windows registry before editing it, so that you can quickly restore it later if any wrong operation.)

HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\.exe\shell\open\command "(Default)" = "\.exe" -a "%1" %*
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "WindowsSecurity" = "\.exe" -a "%1" %*.exe
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\.exe\shell\open\command "(Default)" = "\.exe" -a "%1" %*
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\exefile\shell\open\command "(Default)" = "\.exe" -a "%1" %*
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "WindowsSecurity" = "\.exe" -a "%1" %*.exe

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2 thoughts on “F.B.I Scams Ask for $300? How to Unlock PC from FBI Virus Without Paying the Fine?

  1. The Monkey virus in the pacific northwest has been upgraded to asking for $300 moneypak transaction to remove the virus. It now renders the capability of the user unable to access “safemode” Not sure what to do with my husbands computer to get rid of it. He’s older and his computer is older. Any other access point besides “safemode” ?? Help?

    • Hi, in this case, you will need a boot-up file to help log in the system and then remove the virus, which is what we call boot from CD or USB. . Anyway, you can always get a online tech agent to help you with that. Wish you luck and a happy new year

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