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How To Remove Metropolitan Police Ukash Virus Completely When You Cannot Enter Into Safe Mode?

Recently there are many computer users who are infected with Metropolitan Police Ukash virus which sometimes cannot even allow the users to run into Safe Mode to get rid of it easier. The same things happen to the Bundespolizei Achtung virus infected users who cannot get into safe mode. In fact, Bundespolizei Achtung virus is the German version of Metropolitan Police Ukash virus. Then what should you do if you cannot boot your computer into safe mode to get rid of Metropolitan Police Ukash virus or Bundespolizei Achtung virus?

I worked as a Tee Support tech support agent and I really want to say something about this topic.

The day before yesterday, a young man contacted Tee Support and said that “I need some advice on how to get rid of Metropolitan police virus because i cant even boot in safe mode”. He must have tried lots of things before he contacted Tee Support because he later said “do you think it Is possible to recover without safe mode, it was going through on safe mode before I followed online instructions to get rid of the Metropolitan police virus now it keeps saying there’s a problem With DLL and something about a shell-no point of entry”.

The details about the problems when he wanted to boot into safe mode with Metropolitan police virus are “it comes up with a black screen and a windows box called winlogon.exe – entry point not found. The box says the procedure entry point SHAddtorecentdocs could not be located in the dynamic link library SHELL32.dll. the only option is an ok button. Btw when i press ok to the box it sends me to another box saying the logon user interface dll msgina.dll failed to load. Contact your system administrator to replace dll or restore the original DLL – then the only option is a restart button. The box i mentioned came up when trying to access safe mode”

After the young man purchased our per incident virus removal plan, we got through a hard and long journey which lasted about six hours to save back his computer completely as his computer actually had completely crashed when he could only got the DLL error pop-up during the Metropolitan police virus removal procedure.

I used our Tee Support Lab’s exclusive and advanced technology to help him to firstly got access to his system again without internet connection and then I guided him to remove some files and registry entries which I thought might belong to the virus. The Metropolitan Police Ukash is very tricky as it can use random name files and registry entry to attack your computer and avoid the detection. After removing the major parts of the Metropolitan Police Ukash virus infections, he still could not start his computer normally.

I then realized that he said there were system errors on his computer and he tried to remove the Metropolitan Police Ukash virus without any professional skills before. Usually the Metropolitan Police Ukash won’t cause such system errors that won’t allow users to enter into their system before it can get money from the infected users. Then the case should be that our customer damaged his computer without his knowledge during the Metropolitan Police Ukash virus removal procedure!

I soon helped him to repair a critical system folder and then when he rebooted his computer, he could finally get back his normal desktop again. It was interesting that he could not even recall when he put some tools on his computer blindly to try to get rid of the Metropolitan Police Ukash virus before. Here is what he said “there are some strange things on the desktop i don’t recognize called kill rogue process, safe returner, explorer (all these three have the same S symbol shield icon) and iexplore which was called TDSSkilller” …

That is really…well, I cannot express my feelings at that time. Each day, many users who are infected with Metropolitan Police Ukash virus may contact our Tee Support Company to seek solutions to remove Metropolitan Police Ukash virus completely. And in Tee Support, if you would like our 24/7 online technicians to help you get rid of such stubborn virus which cannot be removed by antivirus, you are required to pay us. I believe our No Fix No Pay offer has been much cheaper than outside repair store and has been very competitive in the online virus removal industry but there are still certain people who think paying to remove a virus is unacceptable.

Ok. If you have friends who are computer genius, you can contact them for help. But if you don’t have such kind of friend, you make judge again as you don’t know the meaning of our tech support. We can help you to save great money and much time when you are infected with any kind of stubborn infection that cannot be removed by antivirus.

If the young man customer contacted us at the first time when he was infected with Metropolitan Police Ukash virus, I am sure we did not have to go through such long and hard helping session as Tee Support has helped many people to get rid of Metropolitan Police Ukash virus before so we know how to help you effectively and safely get rid of Metropolitan Police Ukash virus.

I am glad that I could finally successfully help my customer whose computer has crashed after his wrong operation to do Metropolitan Police Ukash virus removal. ^_^

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Windows OS cannot detect hard drive space – How to remove “Windows OS cannot detect hard drive space” fake alert

Recently, there are many computer users who are infected with fake system diagnose software that will completely take over compromised computers without any permission and then pop up fake system error warnings such as “Windows OS cannot detect hard drive space” to scare computer users into buying their scam products.

What kind of rogue software will usually use “Windows OS cannot detect hard drive space” fake alert?

The typical of these rogue software are that they can hide or even delete your things on your desktop including applications on Start menu list. Apparently, you will lose all things on your desktop screen and what you can see are just a fake system scanner and frequent system warnings saying you have problems with your HDD or RAM Memory problems. You cannot stop the fake alert “Windows OS cannot detect hard drive space” till the fake system scanner virus is completely gone from your computer.

Here is a video that can show you an example to make you know whether you are experiencing the same thing so that you can make sure whether you are infected with such kind of rogue infections:

What can you do when your computer is infected with “Windows OS cannot detect hard drive space” fake alert? How to remove it?

The rogue programs which create “Windows OS cannot detect hard drive space” fake alert usually use Social Engineering method to enter into your computer. None of security software can handle such kind of infections completely so far and the removal procedure will need professional manual removal so that the rogue can be permanently gone from your computer.

However, not many computer users are good at manually remove a virus because the procedure will require you to figure out the random name virus relative files and entries from numerous system files. If you are not good at all system files, you may delete your important system files and then you will crash your whole computer and lose your precious data stored on the infected computer. But sending your computer to outside repair shop will cost you a lot of money. Tee Support meets your requirement and we can provide 24/7 online tech support to fix your plenty of computer problems with more affordable and 100% fix guarantee.

Just start a live chat with 24/7 online Tee Support experts now and we can get started to help you remove all “Windows OS cannot detect hard drive space” fake alerts safely and quickly.

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Cannot Remove AV Secure 2012 Virus Completely? – Quick Way To Get Rid Of AV Secure 2012 Fake Antivirus Thoroughly

Did AV Secure 2012 constantly pop up fake security alerts on your computer? Although you have tried various security removal tools to delete AV Secure 2012, nothing worked so far? Did you feel very frustrated with the stubborn AV Secure 2012 virus? This post is going to tell you how to manually remove AV Secure 2012 virus so that you can thoroughly get rid of this fake antivirus infection.

What is AV Secure 2012?

AV Secure 2012 is the latest variant of a notorious rogue program called AV Protection 2011. AV Secure 2012 still does the similar things. AV Secure 2012 generates fake alerts to scare you that various computer threats have been found on your computer but in fact these “detected” threats are not real. The appearance of AV Secure 2012 looks very professional and this makes it be more misleading. Users with limited computer experience are easier to fall into the trap because AV Secure 2012 just holds your nerve by displaying numerous fake security warnings and no one can feel comfortable when they receive such scary messages. Many users cannot recall how AV Secure 2012 enters into their computer. That is because AV Secure 2012 uses a technology called Social Engineering to affect the target computers. You will be infected with AV Secure 2012 immediately when you open a hacked link or Email attachment with malicious code for AV Secure 2012’s activation. You should never trust AV Secure 2012 when you are infected with it. Remove AV Secure 2012 immediately so that its entire parasite can be gone with it.

Antivirus cannot remove AV Secure 2012 at all so how can you completely get rid of AV Secure 2012 virus? – You can manually remove AV Secure 2012 virus completely

 Step one – Open your Task Manager by Pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and then stop the following processes:

 [random name].exe of AV Secure 2012

 Step two – Navigate to your Local Disk C: hard drive and then delete the following infected files:

%AppData%\AV Secure 2012.ico
%Desktop%\V Secure 2012.lnk
%System%\AV Secure 2012v121.exe
%StartMenu%\Programs\AV Secure 2012\
%StartMenu%\Programs\AV Secure 2012\AV Secure 2012.lnk

Step three – Open your Registry Editor by clicking Start menu and then choosing Run and typing “regedit” into the run box. Then delete the following registry entities:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ” “

Things you have to pay attention to during the manual virus removal procedure:

Manual removal will require sufficient computer skills to deal with program files, processes, .dll files and registry entries. If you are not very good at this filed, you are not recommended to do the manual removal on your own because your computer may crash completely if any important system file is removed. Want to safely and quickly remove AV Secure 2012? You are recommended to Contact 24/7 Online Virus Removal Experts to detect and remove all possible infections completely on your computer.


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